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23 January
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Prof. Kostiantyn F. Trinus, MD, Doctor Med. Sci.
Specialist in development new methods in diagnostics and treatment in neuroscience, as well as forming of large-scale international projects.
Born 23.01.1953, Kyiv, Ukraine
1970 finished secondary school with “Gold Medal”
1976 finished Kyiv medical institute (equivalent of University) with honor.
1974-1975 organized in Soviet Union international project “people-to-people.
1979 finished aspirantura (postgraduate medical training) and in 1980 got Ph.D. for thesis dedicated to microelectrode studies of vegetative ganglia.
1983 appointed executive director of totally failed R&D five year project in space medicine (total budget 5,2 mln. Rubles =6 mln. $), which has been successfully finished 1 year and 3 months later. In the course of the project first recorded vestibular evoked potentials and created the basis to objective vestibulometry. In 1991 for this development decorated with KE Tsiolkovski medal (for outstanding input to theory of space research).
1986 signed the permission to about 3000 Chornobyl clean-uppers, creating sarcophagus – box over destroyed reactor.
1988-90 development and issue of small series of the device “Vestibular Sensitivity Analyzer”
1991 one of the founders of the Rotary movement in Ukraine.
1991-97 created in Wuerzburg (Germany) an international coordination team studying Chornobyl vertigo, about 5.000 clean-uppers being examined. Organized more then 15 mln. $ budget (together with Prof. CF Claussen, Prof. M. Toupet, Prof. G. Guidetti and Dr.Med D. Schneider), spent own money for help to the victims of catastrophe.
1992 created smell distributing device, useful both for medical and everyday purposes
1994 launched journal Neurootology Newsletter and became Editor-in-Chief
1998 created methods for instrumental diagnostics of different types of chronic fatigue, virus nervous infections, headaches and methods of therapy.
2000 created series of diagnostic methods for movement coordination research. Started research of positive action of factors of progress influence at human organism.
2000-04 created differential diagnostics of dizziness types and individual treatment approaches.
2003 instrumental diagnostics of migraine and achieved total relief from headache spells. Happy vertigo is initiated to be studied.
2003 educational programs in neurological functional diagnostics, from 2004 lecturing and education started.
2005 Schering Ag. ordered lecture course in medical market, held in Egypt
2007 organized in Kyiv 34 international Congress of NEUROOTOLOGICAL AND EQUILIBRIOMETRIC SOCIETY
2009 created training course in management of international projects.
Lecturing – Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech, Poland, Germany, USA, Canada, France, Portugal, Sweden.

Chornobyl vertigo. 10 years of monitoring, 1996, 138 p.
Dizziness and related symptoms. Handbook for postgraduate education, Kyiv, LITA Corp. 2010, 677 p. Distributed through: info@homofortunatus.com
Today is involved in the studies of magnetic sensors in the human brain and their protection from magnetic fields produced by hande phones, cars etc.
Most impressive achievements: evidence-based classification of 20 types of dizziness, instrumental diagnostics and successive total relief from migraine spells and headache, diagnostics and treatment of neuroses and post-stress conditions, participation in the project HAPPY HUMAN - homofortunatus.com

balance disorders, cardio-neurosis, dizziness, headache, irritability, magnetic sensors, migraine, monitor and vibration disease, neuroinfection, olfactory and taste disorders, polineuropatia, poststress, pulpitationes, radiation disease, smell, tinnitus, vertigo

Social capital

  • less than 10